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Experience Vanlife with classic van Clementina
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Clementina has been our cozy home for the past couple of years and is right equipped for your laid-back journey along twisting and scenic roads through this tiny but beautiful country. She comes with a very spacious, comfortable double bed, a sofa with lots of storage, a fully equipped kitchen including a gas stove and a fridge. A solar shower, a portable sink and 20L of clean water cover all your water supply needs on the way. For your comfort and entertainment Clementina holds audiostreaming, chairs, a portable table, a sun umbrella, board games and a tiny library with books. If taking pictures all day made your camera or mobile battery running low - don’t worry: you can charge all your devices conveniently night and day on the van with one of the four built-in power points that are powered by an independent solar panel.If you are looking for freedom, nature & outdoors, Clementina is the classic, stylish, minimalistic companion and home for your unforgettable Portugal adventure.

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