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Marvel Iron-Man 4L Mini Fridge - US Plug
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A mini fridge Tony Stark would be proud to own! This Marvel Iron Man 4L Mini Refrigerator features a 3D molded Iron Man head with light-up eyes (on/off switch). With a convenient carry-handle this fridge can go with you wherever you go. Stick it under your desk! Put it on the floorboard on the passenger's side of your vehicle! It'll keep a 6-pack cold with a cooling capability of 45° F. Or warm, if that's what you so desire, with a heating capability of 140° F. Includes fridge, removable shelf, 110V US AC power cord (for use in home), 12V DC power cord (for use in vehicle).

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Stand: 05.06.2020
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Marvel Avengers Magnet Set
10,99 € *
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Decorate your fridge with Earth's Mightiest Heroes with this Marvel Avengers Epoxy Magnet Set featuring the logos of different heroes, including Iron Man and Captain America.

Anbieter: Sowaswillichauch
Stand: 05.06.2020
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